What we do

Bicom UK LLP have been supplying and training clients from around the world using the Bicom Optima since 2009. This is still the primary business but also are actively endorsing the latest devices that are non medical. This modality is more readily accepted in Western Medicine cultures and fits seamlessly into existing Integrated Medical Practice.

Bicom Optima Therapy
David & Sarah Franklin

How we started with Biofield Therapy

If you have beed researching Bioresonance, Bio-field therapy, biofeedback or other types of energy medicine, then you may have come across us before. Back in 2009 we began a journey to find help for my wife Sarah. She had been diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition called Addisons. The medications were keeping her alive but the side effects were debilitating, we discovered Bioresonance and it made such a huge difference that we have been helping many other thousands of people discover the same. 

You can read more about our story HERE and we look forward to advising you should you need it. 

Warm regards

David Franklin