Available Therapies

There are therapies for virtually any situation, however here are some that we will discuss on this page. Mind, emotional, fatigue, stress Relief, sleep support, physical discomfort, immune support, sensitivities, whole body detoxification, skin and food issues.

THERA™ WELLNESS offers a holistic approach to help a wide range of common issues, customisable to a person’s individual needs.

Our wellness technology supports all kinds of body structure or function, including the emotional and mental states, providing wellness care for its greatest potential. It helps people feel healthy by re-establishing the sense of the vitality of mind and body.

The THERA™ WELLNESS technology works by resolving “blocks” and imbalances within your energetic fields so the vital energy can flow again, unhindered to all reaches of their body. This unique approach has been proven effective for many people who have sought treatment elsewhere but not receiving proper results or relief from these methods alone – true wellness which doesn’t come until you try ours!

feeling good mentally


THERA™ WELLNESS technology therapy balances emotions by reducing stress and worries while promoting relaxation and better, more restful sleep.

It also reduces moodiness and mood swings, unhealthy negative outlooks, and habits.

Over 5% of the UK population suffer from depression and this is likely to be much higher, especially since Covid and the current cost of living crisis. Unresolved issues, emotional traumas, ‘negative emotions, beliefs, and fears (fear of flying etc), can be harmonised with THERA™  emotional balancing applications. 

Mental Sharpness

For Fatigue, Stress Relief & Sleep Support

THERA™ technology can help alleviate mental stress, a predicament affecting more people than ever before. 

Harmonisation of the adrenals, CNS and ANS reduces a person’s stress level. This is because when these systems are in balance it helps improve sleep patterns by calming your body down so that you can rest easier at night or simply feel more refreshed during waking hours if they’re less tense due to reduced physical tension caused from stressful thoughts/feelings associated with everyday life events.

sleeping well and content
After a thera massage with frequencies


If you are suffering from a sore neck, backache or other muscle related ailments then it is time to do something about it. Tissue applications have been shown to deliver rapid relief with the discomfort subsidising even during your first therapy session!


THERA™ biofield technology has been shown to be effective in relieving discomfort by unblocking and balancing the flow of energy, which helps reduce symptoms. It can also improve physical capacity with regular exercise routines. 

Biofield therapy for knee joints


The use of THERA technology has been shown to help strengthen your immune system and protect against environmental stressors. It can also be used in situations where there are indoor sensitivities or pets which may cause reactions.
The THERA™ intolerance applications can help support the body to reduce symptoms and alleviate reactions. 


Because food sensitivities can be the source of many common digestion issues such as transient constipation, bloating and stomach discomfort it is important to identify them so you aren’t constantly struggling with these symptoms. Our experience shows that by using our sensitivity elimination protocol many seemingly unrelated problems will also disappear or reduce in severity for those who suffer from any type or related condition!

THERA™ is a revolutionary new therapy that can address food sensitivities and intestinal upset. The technology uses energy frequencies to determine which foods are calming or stressful, then clears them away by inverting their ‘frequency patterns’ 

Conventional protocols usually require costly and time-consuming tests. They also require you to avoid many of your favourite foods for at least 6 months and possibly over a year. With THERA™ technology, we typically only need 4 – 5 therapy sessions or 4 – 6 weeks. We also only ask people to avoid sugar and white flour products while receiving the therapy.


The human body is a complex system of energies that need to be balanced. Pollutants such as UV radiation, heavy metals and toxins in the air can accumulate over time which cause blockages within your energy distribution networks leading you into greater imbalances.
The organs, tissues and systems of our body are all interconnected with each other. A disruption in one area will affect the others as well- for example when you have an issue related to your liver or brain it can lead down a slippery slope towards bigger problems such has depression because those parts take vital energy from elsewhere within ourselves which leaves less available resources left over after some tasks have been completed satisfactorily!
It’s important that we look out not just locally but also globally so if there’s anything wrong going on energetically. 
Holistic healers recognise the importance of individualised detoxification programs to help restore balance and remove harmful substances from your body. These wellness applications for targeted support address each organ separately (liver, kidney) so you can avoid damage done by these toxins being processed in an unbalanced way
A holistic approach means taking care not just about what’s going on externally but also internally.


THERA™’s skin applications are designed to address various imperfections of the skin, providing energy wellness therapy that encourages self-healing and amplifying your natural beauty.

skin condition